Practical and versatile: Rechargeable torches

Rechargeable Torches

Rechargeable battery operated mobile devices are indispensable on tours and for everyday use. Cellphone, digital camera, MP3 player, lamp. These are all frequently used tools, which are always available for use, because they can easily be charged via charger and lithium-ion battery.
Many devices can alternatively be used with batteries. Battery-powered (e.g. cylindrical cells) is usually more practical than rechargeable on a tour, if there is no power source available.Here are special tips for selecting the suitable rechargeable torch as a key part of your gear for everyday use and sporting activities.

Features of a good rechargeable torch

Rechargeable battery operated flashlights for outdoor use score points with long operating time, good luminosity, and low weight.
You must always pay attention to the different lighting modes of the lights. In the power-saving mode, the torch shines less brightly, but the battery life lasts longer. Battery life is significantly shorter in the bright setting.
Luminosity is measured in lumens, modern rechargeable flashlights mostly come with LED lamps. Unlike lux, lumen does not indicate the spot maximum luminosity, but instead takes the realistic luminosity of a lamp over a certain propagation into account. A torch's coverage is also an important factor in selecting a suitable rechargeable flashlight. As are the dimming and focusing options.
A torch's weight varies depending on casing stability and material. The charger's voltage guarantees optimal charge time.
High quality rechargeable torches for use while working or in outdoor sports are available from LED Lenser or Goalzero.

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