Swimsuits for swimming and surfing


Swimsuits, unlike bikinis, are connected at the top and bottom, and usually most of the abdomen is covered. Sports swimsuits provide more freedom of movement and help improve your athletic performance, while other types of swimsuits have fancier designs and stylish details.

Speedo and Seafolly produce great swimsuits for doing laps in the pool, in the lake or the sea. These are very basic and don't have any frills that can interfere and slow you down in the water. Instead, such swimsuits are designed to be particularly smooth and streamlined.

Stylish swimsuits and bikinis

A sports swimsuit is not a must when you're on holiday at the beach, the lake or hanging out by the pool. Many women prefer swimsuits with fashionable cuts, pretty colours, patterns, designs and accessories. Some have comfortable halter necks, others have a strapless bandeau cut, a figure-hugging fit or integrated inserts for a push-up effect.

Swimsuits for sports tend to have wider straps and a practical neckline for enhanced comfort during water sports and beach volleyball, while narrow straps and deeper necklines are best for sunbathing. Some models also have cut outs at the back, sides and abdomen.

Caring for your swimsuits

Swimsuits for women and children are very easy to care for. You should always wash with clean water after bathing or sunbathing. This removes chlorine, salt and sunscreen from the swimsuit and improves the durability of the material in the long term.

You should also hang your swimsuit to dry in a shady, well-ventilated area. Strong UV radiation can damage the functional fabric in the long run and cause the colours to fade. Most swimsuits can also be washed at a low temperature in the washing machine.

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