Cotton sleeping bags for hut touring and as sleeping bag liners

Cotton Sleeping Bags

Lightweight cotton sleeping bags are best suited for a stay in a youth hostel or mountain cabin and make great sleeping bag liners for regular synthetic fibre or down sleeping bags. These thin sleeping bags, which are often known as travel sleeping bags or sleeping bag liners are a familiar part of overnight stays in cabins or chalets in the mountains.

Simply use your cotton sleeping bag under the blankets and quilts provided in the cabin. For hikers this has the advantage that they only have to carry the light and space saving sleeping bag liner in their rucksack. The advantage for the cabin hosts is that the blankets don't need to be washed after every guest. Instead, every guest can wash their own cotton sleeping bag at home, comfortably and hygienically in their own washing machine.

Premium cotton liners made from comfortable cotton

As well as being useful cabin tours, the thin, cotton sleeping bag liners can also be used for lining your own sleeping bag for walking, hiking, trekking, hillwalking or camping trips. The shape of the liners should ideally fit the shape of the outer sleeping bag. Cotton sleeping bags come in mummy shape as mummy liners as well as in square shapes.

There are hikers who don't like the feeling of a synthetic sleeping bag against their skin, and prefer the pleasant softness of cotton. Even with a low combined weight in your travel bag, you can still achieve comfort as if you're at home in your own bed. A cotton sleeping bag is easy to combine with an insulating sleeping bag. Another great advantage is that the actual sleeping bag doesn't need to be washed very often. Instead, you can simply wash the cotton sleeping bag liner.

This increases the life expectancy and durability of premium down sleeping bags or synthetic sleeping bags and produces a considerable saving in maintenance costs and time for the hiker or camper. Thin cotton sleeping bags by well-known manufacturers like Cocoon are distinguished by their high-quality workmanship and premium materials that can be used for many years and can survive countless washes.

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