Camping plates for delicious outdoor meals

Camping plates

With a camping cooker and camping pots, you can prepare all kinds of delicious dishes in an outdoor kitchen. Simply heating water and using it to prepare freeze-dried trekking food is very practical for backpacking trips and expeditions, but many campers prefer to cook something more elaborate and, above all, fresh.

Delicious paellas, noodle dishes, as well as meat, fish and a wide variety of vegetables can be cooked to create a great meal using camping cookers with one or two burners. With the matching camping plate or a practical camping bowl, an outdoor meal can taste great.

Camping tableware and camping cutlery

Just like camping crockery and camping cutlery, camping plates and camping bowls are made either from robust plastic or metal. Particularly light and unbreakable polycarbonate is very resistant and easy to clean and transport. For families and travel groups, the outdoor plates are available as practical sets that stack perfectly inside each other.

Alternatively, outdoor bowls and camping plates made of aluminium, titanium, enamel or stainless steel are available. Stainless steel is very hygienic, extremely stable and also rustproof. A camping plate made of enamel is also very robust and campers can cut into the plate without immediately scratching the bottom. In contrast to plastic camping utensils, however, stainless steel and enamel are somewhat heavier.

Compact outdoor bowls and large plates for camping holidays

A small deep camping bowl and a spork are essentials for your minimum equipment in the outdoor kitchen. Plates and bowls from outdoor companies, such as Sea to Summit or Wildo, are available in different sizes and colours. Some plastic plates and bowls are also available as particularly space-saving collapsible plates or collapsing bowls.

The larger the diameter and higher the rim, the greater the capacity of these camping plates. For larger portions or dishes, such as soups, stews or goulash, plates with high rims are perfect. They are highly versatile and are ideal for almost all outdoor dishes.

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