Ready for any terrain with the right all weather jacket.

Weather Jackets

Sharp winds and cold showers that quickly turn into continuous rain! Bad weather can really spoil the fun when hillwalking, walking, mountaineering or ski touring. A good weather jacket can solve all of your bad weather problems on the mountain.
The layered system in these beautiful all weather jackets reliably blocks wind and weather. The layers of clothing underneath consisting of short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirts, fleece or insulation jackets and vests take over the moisture management and ensure you are getting the right amount of warmth.
Vaude, The North Face, Patagonia, Mammut and Arc'teryx - to name just a few of the most well known brands, have functional outdoor jackets for every taste! This makes the right softshell jacket or waterproof jacket easy to find, so nothing stands between you and your next mountain tour.

What to Look for in Weather Jackets

A weather or all weather jacket is a versatile functional jacket. As such, is protects you against rain and hail and its high breathability also gives it a very balanced level of comfort. After all, the wearer will still sweat even in bad weather. That is why it is important not the let moisture gather inside. A functional sports jacket that is suitable for every weather should have ventilation zips to increase the level of ventilation when the body is being exerted.

Useful Details that Make Sense on All Weather Jackets

Weather jackets are fitted with an adjustable hood to keep your head protected against the elements. This surround the face and ensures that you maintain good visibility of the terrain, even in the absolute worst weather conditions.
Practically placed pockets on the outside and inside are very useful, whether you are taking a backpack into the terrain with you or using a climbing harness on a wall. The shoulder straps will not cover the zips, or rather the pockets are placed high enough that any harnesses will not cover them up or get in the way.
Robust material reinforcements protect the fabric against abrasion on rocks and make all weather jackets a long lasting companion. Adjustable cuffs on the sleeves as well as hem ensure the jacket closes nicely and prevent any cold, icy winds from getting inside.

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