Airy outdoor dresses for casual wear and travelling

Comfortable outdoor summer dresses are not only pretty and comfortable, but they're also functional thanks to their cuts, materials and special features. They're practical, look nice in your daily life and are ideal for warm summer days, travelling, camping and backpacking.

You can find lightweight, breathable and beautifully designed outdoor beach dresses from Patagonia or O'Neill. Short, maxi, beach dresses... you'll definitely find the perfect outdoor summer dress for hot summer days or mild evenings.

Functional merino and microfibre dresses

Outdoor brands use different materials when developing functional outdoor clothing. Combining polyester and elastane provides elasticity, freedom of movement and ensures moisture is quickly wicked away to the outside. This functional fabric blend is also quick-drying and low-maintenance. Add a Polygiene treatment and you can even ensure that a microfibre summer dress will barely take on any odours.

Dresses made of merino wool naturally have an odour-inhibiting effect. The high-quality natural fibre from merino sheep is very soft, so it'll feel great on your skin. In addition, merino wool has a temperature-regulating effect, which means it will cool you down in hot weather and keep you warm in colder weather. Outdoor clothes made of merino wool do need a little longer to dry after being washed. But since these barely take on odours, you won't need to wash them as often and can simply air them out if need be!

Short and long outdoor dresses with practical features

Pockets, an integrated drawstring or a comfortable zip - many manufacturers want their outdoor clothes to not only look chic and feel comfortable, but also be functional.

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