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The company Odlo develops its own functional sports underwear for skiing, mountain biking, climbing or hillwalking. Once the son took over the running of the company, it expanded worldwide and became Odlo International AG with its main headquarters in Switzerland. From sports clothing for kids, functional ski underwear and breathable long sleeves to mountain biking clothing - the brand Odlo stands out for its highly varied offer of outdoor and sports clothing!

Odlo is busy further developing its materials, cuts and designs. With the development of the "Effect by Odlo" fibre, the functional clothing specialists were able to begin integrating odour-resistant silver ions into synthetic fibre materials in 2002. In 2006, they followed up with the special fibre "cubic", which was a new and lightweight method for perfectly regulating the body temperature using year-round underwear.

Known for optimum quality and maximum performance

The popularity of Odlo functional fabrics and the widespread of them is not just down to the material compositions, but also on the high quality finish of each individual product. The designers always concentrate on one main point: the athlete as they are doing their sports. That is why Odlo never uses impractical features and playful designs. The material and cut is always perfectly suited to the what an athlete needs from their clothing as they do their demanding activities.

Odlo offers plenty of different tailored solutions for the many different areas, as the needs of each athlete varies greatly for their base layers depending on which sport they are doing. For Nordic walking, running or trail running - Odlo offers all runners the best running wear for maximum performance and the best freedom of movement. This includes running rights just as much as running T-shirts or sports bras: Odlo adds to this functional underwear range with products for cycling, like cycling jerseys for men and women, bike shorts and waterproof bike jackets with Gore-Tex membrane.

Hillwalking, trekking and functional clothing

The roots of the company Odlo lie in the functional fabrics for hikers and lovers of walking. Premium and full of technical finesse, these outdoor fabrics are known for their functional and intelligent material blends. Comfort and durability are the properties that experienced tourers associate with the name Odlo.

The fact that Odlo also accepts ecological and social responsibility for their products is one of their basic foundations as a member of the Fair Wear Foundation. The production of durable textiles with environmentally friendly materials and production methods is pretty much a given for the Swiss specialists for base layers. Odlo still acts on their responsibility to consistently optimise their own products, materials and business and even further improve the already high ecological standards. Optimising transport distances and the use of recycled fibres are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall concept of sustainable production.

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