Warm and comfortable ski underpants for ski touring, cross-country skiing and going downhill.

Ski Underpants

Skiing base layer are the first layer of your clothes when it comes to skiing and ski touring. A good base layer will keep you warm while you're doing winter sports and is comfortable to wear.

Depending on the outer temperature, there are skiing base layers in different leg measurements and material thicknesses. From functional shorts to knee-length thermal underpants and longjohns with a boot cut or ankle length. Manufacturers like Icebreaker, Ortovox and Craft offer matching vests for their base layers.

Thermal underpants made of a merino wool and synthetic fibre blend

Warm thermal wear for skiing enthusiasts mostly consists of synthetic fibres or merino wool. Merino underpants remain odour-neutral and are really warm. Depending on the material thickness, merino wool thermal underpants offer various levels of insulation.

Elastic synthetic fibre materials are also great for warm undergarments for skiing. This robust and easy-care thermal underpants are available with minimal insulation or as extra warm underpants made of thick fleece. Breathable synthetic underpants wick away moisture from the body quickly to keep your skin dry and comfortable while skiing.

High-end underpants for skiing enthusiasts

Ski underpants are made specifically for sporting activities in the mountains. That is why base layers with flat seams and wide elastic waistbands are particularly comfortable and optimised for outdoor sports. The high-end workmanship provides easy care and guarantees a long shelf life of the materials, seams and elastic bands in the waistband and cuffs even when they're heavily used.

Especially during exhausting ascends when you're freeriding and ski touring or even winter hiking and hiking with snowshoes, the breathability of modern skiing base layers is a vital aspect. When choosing the right skiing underwear, you should always look for the best mix of warmth and ventilation. While skiing and doing winter sports you should neither freeze nor suffer too much heat in your ski trousers.

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