Waterproof Gore-Tex gloves for winter sports and alpinists

Gore-Tex Gloves

When climbing, mountaineering or skiing, warm and dry hands are a top priority. If water gets into your gloves, your fingers quickly start to freeze and you feel anything but comfortable in your wet and clammy gloves. That's why Gore-Tex winter gloves and Gore-Tex ski gloves are not only thermally insulated, but also keep out the wet, wind and snow.

On the inside, the Gore-Tex gloves are equipped with a waterproof and breathable membrane. This ensures that water, moisture and snow cannot penetrate into the gloves from the outside. Meanwhile, the membrane allows moisture from the hands to escape outwards. This way, the ski gloves and winter gloves stay warm, dry and comfortable on the inside too.

Gore-Tex gloves and Gore Windstopper gloves

In addition to well-insulated winter gloves for skiers, snowboarders and alpinists, Gore also offers various kinds of gloves for cyclists, hikers and trail runners, which may have a thinner lining or none at all. There are also thin Gore-Tex gloves that are waterproof, weatherproof and breathable. They guarantee excellent sensitivity in the fingers and are ideal as waterproof cycling gloves or waterproof outdoor gloves.

Gloves with Gore Windstopper, on the other hand, are usually not waterproof but water-repellent. As such, they provide perfect protection against wind and airstream to prevent fingers and hands from getting uncomfortably cold while cycling. This makes Gore Bike Wear gloves and other gloves with a Gore Windstopper membrane comfortable and warm, despite their low thickness.

Waterproof gloves for cyclists and trail runners

High-quality gloves that reliably protect against wet and wind are highly advantageous in outdoor sports. Whether it's gloves with a Windstopper membrane, lightweight and breathable trail running gloves or thickly padded expedition gloves - the Gore-Tex gloves from Black Diamond, Gore Wear and Hestra impress with perfect functionality and premium quality.

Gloves with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane or windproof Gore Windstopper are not only perfect for outdoor sports. The functional membrane is also ideal for everyday wear in the rain and leisurewear. Whether you're cycling to university or to work in the rain - these functional gloves protect against wet and cold weather in every situation. That's why Gore-Tex is also used as workwear in all kinds of professional fields.

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