Cable locks: they’ll keep your bike secure

Cable Locks

There are many places to park your bike for a short or long time, be it at the supermarket, university, the office or at a bar. Thieves are aware of this, so if your bike isn’t properly secured with a high-quality bicycle lock, then you might be in trouble. High-quality cable locks are a practical and versatile solution to prevent your bike from getting stolen!

A solid lock enhances safety

Compact cable locks can be easily carried in your backpack or you can even attach them to the bike frame. You should always have your lock handy in order to secure your bike quickly and with little effort. Armored cable locks are equipped with a hard-to-pick steel cable. For enhanced protection, the cable is often reinforced with steel tubes. To avoid any damage to the paint on the frame, the cable has been equipped with a PVC coating. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, so unfortunately even U-locks, chain locks and folding locks cannot guarantee 100% protection. But why make a thieve's life easier?

User-friendly and versatile

User-friendly reversible keys and an automatic lock ease handling. The latter doesn’t even require you to manually lock your bike! If you value quality and safety, then you should check out brands, such as Kryptonite and Contec.

Thanks to their practical sizes and weight, cable locks are perfect for everyday use. So, you should bring one along with you when you’re going shopping or visiting a friend. Cable locks can also be combined with other locks, so you’ll have countless possibilities to secure your bike. Here’s a tip: use your high-security lock to lock the frame, and a cable lock for the wheels and the seat.

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