The zip hoodie - versatile, functional and comfortable

Zip Hoodies

There are few items of clothing that are as popular as zipped hoodies. From working out and leisure wear to the everyday, it is hard to imagine life without hooded jackets and hooded jumpers. That's why there are not only zip hoodies for men, women, teenagers and kids in a wide variety of different sizes, but also in countless materials, designs and colours.

Some companies put the modern aspects of a hoodie in the foreground and make their zipped hoodies using comfortable and high quality cotton. They give each of their hooded, zipped jumpers their own unique touch with prints on the front and back or even with beautiful embroideries.

Functional zip hoodies made of fleece or merino wool

Zipped hoodies provide the perfect combination of comfort, warmth, breathability and adjustable ventilation for outdoor sports, hillwalking, trekking and trail running.

Companies like Icebreaker, Odlo or The North Face produce functional zip hoodies made of fleece, synthetic fibres or merino wool for outdoor athletes. The comfortable hoods are perfect for the cold and wind and protect against light rain.

Adjustable hoods and comfortable pockets

Many hoods on zip hoodies are individually adjustable using a drawstring and so can be adjusted as desired to keep the wind and cold away from your neck. Even though zips are generally full length down the front to allow the jacket to be worn completely open and make it very comfortable to put on and take off again, there are hoodies with half zips, which is a front zip that can only be opened on the top half.

The classic divided kangaroo pocket is very popular on the classic designed zip hoodies. They are very comfortable and hands, wallets and keys can fit comfortably in there. Special outdoor hooded jackets often come with additional little pockets with zips for important accessories which are indispensable little helpers on tour.

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