Don't leave home without a spork!


Spoon or fork? It's both! Hurray, the spork is here! What you may sound at first like alien invader with dubious intentions is actually a wonderfully practical helper for outdoor meals! The word "spork" is a combination of the words "spoon" and "fork". This practical multi-tool cutlery is not just a play on words, it is quite literally on everyone's lips and should not be missing in any set of camping cutlery that wants to be taken seriously. If your leave for a tour without your spoon-fork, you have definitely forgotten something! And let's be honest, even the most boring canned ravioli becomes a feast when eaten with a cool spork!

So what can a spoon-fork do?

As we said before, the Spork combines a fork, a spoon and in some ambitious models even a knife, all in one piece of cutlery. This, of course, saves a lot of space in your pack. And how does that thingy work? Quite simple! Usually, one side is the spoon and the other the fork. Some models offer variations on this. Often, the side on which the fork is will also have a serrated knife edge to cut slightly firmer foods. Sporks are available in robust and heat-resistant plastics but also in buff titanium variations. One thing that all sporks have in common is their eminent practicality, and space and weight-saving qualities that spare your pack.

A spork is lightweight, robust and quite simply clever. If you choose to splurge on a "fork-spoon" from Light my Fire, Seat o Summit or some other manufacturer, we guarantee you won't regret it! Once packed, never again missing from your outdoor kit!

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