Feel safe on the road with bike tyres from Schwalbe

Schwalbe tyres

This established German company stands for quality and reliability when it comes to cycling tyres. For road cycling, touring, mountain biking or e-biking: Tyres from Schwalbe impress with durability, grip, the best rolling behaviour and simple handling.
The following information tells you what you need to look out for when buying and where you will find the specs for Schwalbe bike tyres.

What types of Schwalbe tyres are available?

There are bike tyres from Schwalbe available in various widths and profiles, for all kinds of uses. Narrow tyres have less strong profiling and are suited for road cycling, touring and city biking. Mid-width and wide tyres (from around 1.8 inches and up) are used for mountain bikes and are equipped with cleats. Special tyres from Schwalbe are available for balloon bikes (extra wide), folding bikes (small circumference), gravel bikes and cyclocross (slim with chunky tread).
As well as width, the circumference of the tyres is also important. Road and touring bikes come with 28 inch tyres, older mountain bikes with 26 inch tyres and newer mountain bikes with 27.5 or 29 inch tyres. The corresponding tubes from Schwalbe come with specifications about width and circumference.
In this case the correct type of valve is important (Sclaverand, Schrader, Dunlop). In general tyres with a narrower width should be ridden with higher pressure tyres (4-8 bars), whereas for mountain bikes a tyre pressure of 2-3 bars is acceptable. You should always have an appropriate air pump with a pressure gauge and check the pressure before long rides, or at least once a month.

What is a Schwalbe bike tyre made from?

The tyres from Schwalbe consist of several components. Outside is an abrasion proof and grippy rubber mix, under this is a soft padding, which makes the tyres puncture resistant. This means that pebbles and shards cannot damage the tube. With special puncture-less tyres these protection layers are especially thick and are even protected against small nails.
The carcass of the casing is its stable, woven inner cover, which ensures shape retention. On the edge is a wire made from steel or Kevlar which holds the tyre in position inside the rim.
Folding tyres are lightweight and foldable, clincher tyres are good value for money and provide stability. Tubeless tyres require the use of sealant (Schwalbe Doc Blue) and are widely used in the racing world. The same goes for tubular tyres which are glued directly into the rims.
The right Schwalbe tyre lever ensures that the tube is not damaged or scratched during fitting. Other accessories include a set for converting tubeless tyres (check the rims for manufacturer specifications!) Damaged casings can also be repaired from the inside like tubes, with a special casing patch.

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