Functional and comfortable overalls for sports and leisure

Practical all-in-ones from CeLaVie, Hust&Claire or Reima are not only available for kids, toddlers and babies, but also for women and men. The term "overalls" covers all one-piece suits - from rompers and fashionable jumpsuits for women to weatherproof hardshell overalls for skiers and cyclists.

The material of the overalls also varies depending on the area of use. Fleece or wool can be used for warm overalls. Weatherproof overalls and rain overalls are either made of waterproof and breathable laminates or rubberised and feature a waterproof PU coating. For sporty road cyclists, quick-drying and movement-friendly material blends are ideal, and feminine overalls for everyday and leisure wear are often made of cotton or functional cotton blend fabric.

Weatherproof overalls for kids

Rain overalls, mud trousers or mud suits for kids are ideal for fun and games in the rain and mud. They are wonderfully comfortable and provide the best protection against rain, wetness and dirt. In addition, weatherproof overalls are very easy to clean and do not slip.

When playing in the snow, in winter and during the first attempts with skis, sledges and snowboards, insulated snow overalls provide pleasant warmth. With waterproof or water-repellent outer material and a warm filling of down or padded synthetic fibre, kids' winter overalls are perfect for cold winter days in the snow. The one-piece construction prevents snow from getting inside the overalls, keeping kids warm and dry.

One-pieces for cyclists and skiers

Unlike wool overalls and jumpsuits for women, overalls for cycling are particularly stretchy and usually come with integrated seat padding. In addition to breathable racing bike suits for touring and training, there are also weatherproof cycling overalls made of waterproof laminates that provide the necessary weather protection in rainy weather or on particularly wet surfaces.

Snow overalls and ski suits are available for women, men and kids. To protect against snow and moisture in icy cold conditions, overalls for winter sports enthusiasts are always well lined. Thanks to breathable laminates, such as Gore-Tex, high-quality overalls are waterproof while allowing moisture to escape from the inside to the outside. So they always offer a comfortable fit and very good freedom of movement for alpine skiing, ski touring and freeriding in deep snow.

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