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On a climbing and skiing trip in New Zealand in the early 90s, Lotta Giornofelice, founder of Houdini, discovered a stretchable fleece fabric. Such stretchable fleece was more or less unknown in Europe at the time and Lotta was so amazed by this amazing material that she designed a small collection of base layers for climbers, mountaineers and skiers.

But Lotta went a step further than just that. Functional outdoor clothing mustn't just be functional at Houdini, it must also look good. The designers at Houdini view themselves as part of a sustainable revolution and put great emphasis on the best possible outdoor experience while reducing the ecological impact as much as possible.

Funtional and stylish outdoor clothing

Functional outdoor clothing should protect against rain and wind and be highly breathable. Houdini's intentions go much further than these basic requirements, however. Houdini products are to be pleasantly experienced with every sense. Starting with the cut and the choice of fabrics all the way to proven sustainable production methods. A hiker, mountaineer or skier can clothe themselves in Houdini products with a clear conscience.

To ensure this, Houdini makes it a point to critically evaluate every design from all angles. A product that does not enhance a customer and their sports achievements won't even be put into production. This includes carefully assessing the longevity of each new product. It's not just the materials that have to endure the high demands of mountain sports, the design itself must also remain timelessly fashionable for years to come.

Exceptional sports wear from Sweden.

The fact that Houdini lives up to its lofty goals in the areas of design, sustainable production and environmental protection is proven by countless awards and recognitions won by Houdini's designers over the last few years. The innovative concepts behind these pollutant free or limited in pollutants designs delighted the judges time and again.

While this is of course deserved recognition of the work done by the designers and developers at Houdini, they do not consider their ongoing innovative and creative work to be even nearly completed. Houdini offers, for example, advice on how to improve the longevity of outdoor clothing, how functional fabrics can be repaired and even suggest lending out sports clothes that would otherwise be unlikely to see use for the foreseeable future. The Houdini stores in Sweden even offer the option of reselling functional jackets or to purchase them second hand in the first place.

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