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If a storm is blowing, it is raining or the sun is shining down from the heavens - cyclists want to stay protected in every weather, while also staying comfortable at all times and never compromising on their aerodynamic flow or durability. This is what the product developer GORE lives for. It is all about innovation! The team, which is mainly made up of passionate cyclists always wants to stay at the forefront of innovation and development, or even better, they want to drive forward and push the limits further. That is why the developers customize the products in relation to the anatomy of cyclists and mountain bikers, and only then think about the design. What good are beautiful cycling pants if they uncomfortably chafe and rub.

After a sophisticated formation process, the prototypes are thoroughly testes by athletes. The constant back and forth ensures the perfect results and only when everyone is happy with a product, will it be put on the market. The cyclists are after all the ones who need to be happy with them.

GORE Bike Wear exudes understatement

When it comes to design, GORE Bike Wear is more classic. Colorful prints and motifs are not a part of that, but that is no bad thing. The advantage of a simpler design is how easy it is to combine, so you don't need to go and buy the perfect matching pants for each different jersey, but can rather mix and match depending on how you feel. There is also no need to worry about sacrificing function for style. Reflective elements, aerodynamic fit and impressive pocket concepts are all integral parts of almost every product and the best reasons to choose cycling clothing by GORE Bike Wear.

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