Glacier Ropes for Mountaineering and Glacier Tours

Glacier Ropes

A good glacier rope is indispensable for glacier touring, mountaineering and ski touring. Depending on the size of the rope team, there are different recommended rope lengths for glacier touring. As a rule of thumb, you can take a rope length of 50 m for a three or four person rope team.

Shorter climbing ropes are also best for rope teams of only two alpinists, for shorter abseiling sections on ski tours or even ski mountaineering. Even though 30 m and 40 m length glacier ropes also fulfil their purpose, a 50 metre rope is highly recommended for a three person rope team to cross over glaciers as it is much safer.

Lightweight, Thin and Dry Treated Climbing Ropes

Climbing ropes for sports climbing and Alpine sports require different features than those used for mountaineering and glacier crossing. A good dry treatment plays a very important role with any good glacier rope. Both the sheath and rope's core need to be dry treated so they don't soak through. This keeps the rope lighter and easy to knot. At a weight of approx. 40 g per metre and a diameter of approx. 8 mm, glacier ropes are amongst the lightest of all climbing ropes.

Glacier ropes do not however replace single ropes. The impact force and fall factor are ideal for use with mountaineering straps in rope teams and for crevasse rescue. Use as half or twin ropes is only recommended for these during lead climbing. Nothing will stand in your way on your next glacier tour, as you will be kitted out with all the right climbing accessories from picks to crampons. Carabiners, snacks, cords and a warm drink in your climbing backpack - let the glacier adventure begin.

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