Water bottles for hiking and hillwalking

Water Bottles hiking

It's true that many hikers and mountaineers like to use hydration bladders and hydration systems but water bottles still are the most popular water providers while walking, hiking, hillwalking and trekking. As opposed to hydration backpacks they are highly flexible, long-lasting and easy to clean.

Hiking and mountaineering bottles are available in different variants with a variety of volumes, materials, closures, diameters and openings. Well-known manufacturers such as SIGG, Nalgene and Mizu provide exclusively high quality bottles for hiking and hillwalking, which are famous for excellent hygiene and longevity.

Water bottles made of aluminium, plastic and stainless steel

The popular aluminium hiking bottle is available in many sizes and colours. Their low weight and the classic twist lock are a must for any hiker or mountaineer on tour. The slightly heavier water bottles for hikers made of stainless steel are particularly stable, very hygienic and easy to clean. Water bottles made of plastic are usually made of high-end and bpa-free plastics. They are very light but still extremely stable.

You should choose the water bottle's diameter and dimensions depending on the size of the side pockets on your walking backpack. Depending on the opening and closure of your water bottle (with a twist lock, lid opening or integrated straw) there is a variety of uses for water bottles while you're hiking or hillwalking. The closures on the water bottles can be changed individually of course.

Folding water bottles and thermos flasks

Double-walled water bottles keep the liquid cool or warm while you're hiking or hillwalking. Often, there is an integrated mug in the lid. Folding water bottles minimise the volume of your luggage perfectly which is not only practical for hiking but also for travelling.

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