Telescopic poles for secure footing

Telescopic Poles

On a hiking tour, for Nordic walking, skiing or for trail running, telescopic poles ensure a safe footing, relieve your load, are compact for storage, simple to transport and always on hand. Whether you choose extendable hiking poles, walking poles, folding pole or ski poles these light and flexible tools have long since become indispensable companions for all kinds of touring. So get going!

High-performance telescopic poles for any tour

If you think telescopic poles are just for the sedate Sunday afternoon tour of the Weak Hip Club, you couldn't be more wrong! Telescopic poles are a useful companion for action packed touring: they ensure the best footing on insecure terrain or make the ascent easier for the climber. Generally speaking, if you are heading to the mountains, they provide relief for your knees. Their telescopic design makes them perfect for space-saving packing and they will fit in or on any backpack. The length of the poles can also be varied according to personal preference and situation. An ergonomically shaped handle, for example made from cork or plastic, will fit comfortably in the hand on long tours and won't start to get annoying too quickly. Leashes keep the telescopic poles secure in the hands and are usually adjustable.

You will find collapsible poles for every imaginable outdoor activity. In the jungle of extendible walking aids it is easy for the outdoor enthusiast to lose sight of the big picture. But when you take another look, you will see that choosing the right pole is not so difficult! If you know what kind of tour you need the pole for, you will quickly find the right pole for you! On hiking tours the extendable trekking pole should always be in your luggage. These telescopic poles ensure a secure foothold on uneven ground, provide support during walking, and, as we already mentioned, help to protect the joints. For trekking tours extendable walking poles are recommended. They are often finished with carbon and are especially lightweight, yet also strong. For skiing there are extendable ski poles with snow baskets on the tips and for walking there are Nordic walking poles. Companies like Leki, Kohla and other well known brands offer telescopic poles for every kind of tour!

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