Less is more: tubeless tyres!

Tubeless Tyres

Tubeless tyres have become very popular for MTB and road bikes, and they have several advantages over classic systems and tubular tyres. Since they are not always the best choice and there are a few things to look out for when fitting and repairing, here are some tips for choosing and handling high-quality tubeless tyres from Continental, Schwalbe and co.

What are tubeless tyres exactly?

With tubeless tyre systems, the tyre and the rim of the wheel form an airtight seal. For that, they feature very large ribs and the various spoke holes on the racing bike must be cleanly sealed from the inside with the flanges on the rim of the wheel. In addition to that, the valve must be sealed with a plastic wedge so it creates an airtight system.
The lack of a tube makes tubeless tyres particularly light and allows them to roll very smoothly.

How do I fit and repair tubeless tyres?

As the tubeless tyre is pressed directly onto the rim, this makes fitting somewhat more complicated than with classic systems. Good tyre levers are an absolute must for this! Otherwise, fitting is carried out as usual.
In the event of a defect, a tubeless tyre can also be fitted with a tube and used like a normal tyre. Alternatively, you can fill in the valve with a special sealant (tyre milk). The liquid contains no particles that would wear away from the inside when the wheels are turning.
Many rims are already made for tubeless tyres (Ready) or can be upgraded with a set (Tubeless Conversion Kit). Always observe the manufacturer's instructions regarding the suitability of the rim for tubeless tyres!
Tubeless tyres are generally first choice for ambitious mountain bikers as they are lighter than tubed combinations and are less likely to puncture. In addition to that, a tube can be added at any time and most rims are compatible with tubeless tyres. Tubular tyres are more complicated to fit to road bikes, but offer a higher level of safety in the event of defects, and stand out with particularly direct and comfortable rolling behaviour. They are especially popular in racing.

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