A Good Nights Sleep on a Thermal Sleeping Mat

Thermal Sleeping Mats

It is all about effective team work: Even the warmest sleeping bag can be taken to its limits on a cold night, if you don't use an insulating thermal mat that ensures good insulation and keeps the cold floor at bay. there are self inflating sleeping mats, mats that can be manually inflated and lightweight thermal mats that come folded or rolled up. You can find out which makes most sense for what situations and anything else you need to know about thermal sleeping mats here.

Thermal Resistance: The R-Value of Thermal Sleeping Mats

The so-called R-value is referring to the thermal output of any given thermal mat. Lightweight thermal sleeping mats for use in warmer places or for use in the three warmer seasons generally have an R-value of 2.5-4. This makes them just as perfect for sleeping in 20 degree heat as they are in temperatures around the freezing point with a weight of 0.5 kg.
If you prefer to be warmer, then you should go for a thermal mat with an R-value of 4.5 or higher. These thermal mats even insulate enough in minus degrees and have a weight of 0.6 to 1.5 kg.
If you need to save on weight and are more in the market for a soft surface than heat, then you can also go for a thermal mat with an R-value under 2.5. This may only make it suitable for summer use, but it has an incredibly low weight of 0.4 kg!

Accessories for Thermal Sleeping Mats

There are a wide variety of accessories for thermal sleeping mats to make care and transport easier. Repair sets and stuff and compression sacks are just as easy to find as devices that transform your mats into comfortable seats!

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