An incredibly robust, comfortable softshell fabric by The North Face

The North Face Apex

The North Face has transformed their own softshell fabric with Apex into various different models of softshell jackets. And it has gone very well for this Californian company! The wonderful properties of TNF Apex makes the products true all-rounders for every different area of mountain sports.

What can the fabric do?

Apex softshell fabrics stand out for their huge variety of fantastic functions. They are robust and abrasion-resistant, very breathable and offer highly reliable wind protection in the mountains. Their surface is densely woven, the inside is fluffy and napped. This makes the products feel incredibly soft and very comfortable to wear directly on the skin.
The North Face additionally enhances the material with a DWR (Durable Water Resistant) dry treatment. This alone does not make the jackets 100% waterproof, but very water repellent, which is more than enough for the majority of cases. A day of touring in thick fog or light rain is no problem. This long-lasting coating prevents any moisture from absorbing into the fabric which ensures the breathability is maintained, even in bad weather conditions. It also protects against dirt that could affect the exchange of air between the outside and the inside.

Different variations for all purposes

The demands placed on functional textiles by movement-intensive, highly aerobic outdoor sports such as trail running and ski touring are different to those placed on them by walking, skiing or mountaineering. To keep up with this, The North Face offers different versions of the same high quality softshell fabric.

  • The Universal variation of Apex is a real all-rounder. This clothing is perfect as a mid layer, or as the outer layer in a multi-layered outfit. The fabric is breathable, highly water repellent and additionally dry treated. The inside of the material is soft and fleecy with a strongly reinforced surface. This allows for more moisture to be absorbed and the micro climate is improved.
  • Apex Aerobic is suitable for more movement intensive, exhausting endurance sports like jogging and cycling as well as for more ambitious athletic ski touring! The fabric is highly elastic, lightweight and incredibly breathable. This clothing is not restrictive and ensures fantastic freedom of movement. As the material is also windproof, the wearer will not be cooled down too much by the unpleasant winds coming their way.
  • The Apex ClimateBlock is right at home mountaineering, skiing and on long trekking tours. This material is triple-layered and features a completely windproof as well as waterproof membrane. Even the stronger winds will not get through this fabric, so the wearer can rely on these products in the most dire conditions up in the mountains.

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