Baggy shorts provide comfort and durability

Baggy Shorts

Many mountain bike enthusiasts prefer baggy shorts as opposed to tight cycling trousers. These wide cut trousers have been popular among cycling enthusiasts doing downhill, enduro or freeride for a long time already. Baggies are already the standard clothing style in cycling parks. But many all-round mountain bike enthusiasts go for these comfortable cycling shorts as well when they are on a cross country or alpine crossing tour.

The traditional Bib, rather classic cycling trousers, however, has still not had its day. Innovative companies of cycling clothing present solutions which combine the advantages of both designs perfectly.

How useful are baggy shorts when you're mountain biking?

The first downhill enthusiasts faced the problem that their cycling pants weren't durable enough to withstand the heavy duty use while downhilling. The material of classic Bib shorts was no match for the regular falls and the extreme stress. Instead of constantly buying new Bibs they simply put on robust shorts over their padded Bibs. They didn't want to miss the comfort of the integrated seat pads. Of course, these first shorts were rather heavy and not that breathable.

But the bike industry reacted to this demand and cycling companies such as Karpos and Endura developed MTB shorts which are light, quick drying, breathable and robust. Wide cut cycling shorts users do not have to miss the comfort of the high-end seat pads any more. Partially, these paddings are directly integrated into the shorts and many can be removed and washed separately. That way you can wear these cycling shorts even without the paddings sometimes.

Baggy shorts or Bib shorts? What's better when it comes to cycling?

Whether mountain bike enthusiasts prefer tight shorts or wide cut baggies mostly depends on their personal preference and the purpose for which they wish to use their own cycling clothes. A perfect fit and optimal freedom of movement for the legs are the advantages of Bib shorts. When it comes to durability and protection from scrapes you're better off with baggy shorts.

Breathability and quality seat pads are always provided for when you buy high-end MTB shorts. This goes for both the baggy variant as well as the tight-fitting Bib shorts.

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