Snowboard trousers for slopes and powder

Snowboard Trousers

Warm and waterproof snowboarding trousers are an indispensable component of a well-coordinated snowboarding outfit and are vital for snowboarding. These robust snow trousers are very well protected against water and snow and in some cases feature breathable membranes like Gore-Tex. If you're snowboarding on the slopes, not much snow will get into your clothes, but when you take the board into the deep powder snow you have to expect snow coming from all directions.

Snowboard trousers for snowboarding in snow parks and on the slopes are generally wide fit for the best freedom of movement during runs and jumps in the snow park. For snowboarders who spend a lot of time in deep snow, overalls are ideal: they ensure that snow can't get in at the waist of your trousers. However, this does also mean that overalls are not as easy to get on and off as standard-cut snowboard trousers.

Extra snowboard trousers for men and women

Companies that make winter trousers and snow trousers, like Marmot, Patagonia or Ortovox, have always tailored specific snowboard clothing to the different needs of men, women and kids. And it's not only the cuts that are different: you will also find more feminine colours and kid-friendly prints.

Comfortable and robust snowboard trousers combine all the warmth and comfort that you need and also protect you from snow and ice during a laid-back snowboard sesh. With special reinforcements on the knees and seat, practical waterproof pockets and integrated gaiters, snowboarders will be perfectly prepared for a day on the slopes and deep-snow adventures. Freeride trousers are often a looser cut compared with traditional ski trousers. As well as the need for better mobility, fashion also influences this difference in style, since snowboarders generally favour looser cut clothing.

Snow pants lined with synthetic fibre or down

Down trousers are less commonly used for snowboarding as trousers insulated with synthetic fibre. Snowboard trousers are often intentionally less insulated. Snowboarders get additional warmth by using functional base layers with different warmth levels. This means that the trousers are perfect for wearing even in higher temperatures. Some models also feature extra ventilation openings on the thighs, to provide comfortable cooling, especially on strenuous climbs.

Snowboard trousers with integrated synthetic fibre insulation are especially practical in very low temperatures. The lightweight synthetic fibre has the clear advantage that it still keeps you warm even in wet conditions. It also dries very quickly. That's why most snowboarding gloves and snowboard jackets are lined in the same way. Snowboard helmets are also warm and insulated against cold and wind and are recommended as effective head protection for all snowboarders.

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