Functional and stylish snowboard clothing

Snowboard clothing

To be well-equipped for snowboarding on the piste, in the snow park or in powder, snowboarders need to right clothing to go with their snowboard, snowboarding boots and snowboard bindings. In addition to comfortable warmth and superb weather protection, style elements play an important role in snowboarding clothes for snowboarders.

  • Snowboard jacket
    Many snowboarders prefer wide-fitting jackets that provide perfect freedom of movement. Especially when boarding in deep snow, an integrated powder skirt is highly recommended. Many companies, like Maloja, Mammut or Ortovox, use waterproof, breathable membranes like Gore-Tex, which guarantee optimal weather protection.

  • Snowboarding trousers
    Snowboard trousers must fit comfortably over snowboarding boots, and in many cases, may have a slightly wider fit. However, they should not be too baggy or this becomes impractical on the terrain and in the snow park. Reinforcements on the knee and seat are often incorporated in the design and are especially practical for beginners. Snowboarding trousers must be waterproof and breathable in any case.

  • Hoodies
    A casual look in an urban skater style is an integral part of the snowboarding lifestyle. Regardless of whether it is for practical reasons or because it looks good. Hoodies are an indispensable item for many snowboarders.

  • Base layers & underwear
    Looking cool is important, but no one wants to freeze. That's why functional underwear is a must as a base layer under a hoodie and snowboarding jacket, to retain heat and quickly wick moisture away from the body. For snowboarders, there are base layers available made of synthetic fibres or merino wool.

  • Snowboard gloves
    Gloves for snowboarders are as diverse as snowboarders themselves. From expedition-ready marvels with a long shaft for the deepest snow, to ultra-thin, non-slip freestyle snowboarding gloves. Waterproof gloves with a non-slip palm and excellent insulation are perfect for most snowboarders.

  • Beanies and buffs
    Although most snowboarders ride with a helmet, a stylish beanie is an important piece of equipment for in between. Practical buffs serve as a comfortable scarf while protecting your mouth and face from the wind.

  • Snowboard helmet
    On the piste and in the park, the helmet has become an integral part of snowboard and ski clothing. Lightweight, flat snowboarding helmets provide effective protection against serious head injuries and concussions. Snowboarding helmets provide a real safety boost, and not just for kids.

  • Snowboard glasses
    Snowboarding glasses or goggles protect the eyes from wind, snowfall and UV radiation. Depending on the weather, brightening or darkening lenses can provide the best vision. As an important part of snowboarding gear, snowboarding glasses should always be selected to complement the snowboarding helmet, to ensure an optimal fit when worn together.

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