Always a pleasant body climate with the Merino wool vest

Merino Gilets

Those who strive for excellence in mountain sports, appreciate good Merino vests. Vests made from this natural, fine "miracle fiber" provide an excellent thermal output, are comfortable, do not assume any odors and are furthermore breathable. All 100% natural.

From what material are Merino vests made?

Merino sheep provide the raw material for Merino vests. Originally from the Southern Alps, the Merino sheep are well adapted to extreme climatic conditions, because summers in this area are hot and winters are frosty and chilly. Their coat is a natural functionwear: In winter the sheep's body is protected against the coldness and in the hot summer climate it prevents the sheep against overheating. These properties can of course be transferred one to one onto Merino vest.

What is special about Merino gilets?

The outstanding properties of Merino wool make the Merino gilet a special outdoor vest. In contrast to "normal" wool, Merino wool is very fine. As such very light and thin tissue can be manufactured. Nevertheless Merino gilets offer a very high insulating capacity. Wear an extra insulation layer under an outdoor jacket and the icy cold cannot harm you anymore.

Merino vests - Function from nature

This does not mean that you start sweating under a huge layer of clothes, but as already mentioned, Merino vests are in a natural way breathable. The wet sweat is transported to the outside, which ensures excellent heat regulation. Even if it does get sweaty at times, other benefits of the Merino vest emerge on one hand: its fibers are completely odorless and do not assume the smell of sweat, on the other hand, the thermal output of Merino vests is outstanding even in wet condition. The Merino fiber also dries very quickly, which is a great benefit during multi-day trips. Due to the special features of Merino wool, the Merino vest also has a natural protection against harmful UV radiation, a very important feature in the outdoor area.

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