Pleasantly warm fingers with the right sports gloves

Sports Gloves

Finding the right gloves is not easy. Like with choosing the right shoes, as well as the right cut and a good fit the intended use and the material are also very important.
Since there's a large range of sports gloves, the following overview should help you to narrow your choice.

Which sports gloves make sense?

Gloves protect against cold and, dependent on the model, are also water repellent and wind resistant. They may be made of leather, fleece, softshell, hardshell, down or synthetic fibers. And there are gloves, half-fingers and mittens.
For endurance sports like running, walking, hiking or cycling, thin gloves make the most sense. They should be made of either elastic fleece or lightweight softshell . Leather reinforcements on the palms of sports gloves are particularly useful for cycling, walking and hiking with sticks. Even half-finger gloves can be used here. For cycling, you'll definitely need a wind-resistant or windproof model! In icy weather, you can use mittens with synthetic fiber insulation.
For mountain sports, softshell gloves and waterproof hardshell gloves are perfect for complete protection against moisture in harsh conditions. Fleece gloves can be worn as a liner underneath. Half-finger sports gloves are practical for easy handling of hardware.
Choose soft or hard shell gloves with leather reinforcements for skiing.
Fleece gloves, soft shell gloves and lightweight, insulated mittens are always a good choice for all-round use. You can combine these sports gloves in a variety of ways to cover many uses. In everyday life, simple fleece gloves or leather sports gloves are a great choice.
Details that should be noted are how they're pulled on, any reinforcements, fasteners or reflectors and if they can be used with touch screens.

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